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Frequently Asked questions

What locations do you cover?

We provide our specialised care services to Maidstone and the surrounding areas, please contact us on 01622 719988 if you require clarification on whether we cover your area.


What is a care plan?

We take a ‘person centered’ approach with the care services we provide, which means before any care is provided we meet with you, your family and your supporting health and social agencies to discuss and gain a clear understanding of your history and what you want to be achieved by receiving our care services. 

Allowing us to fully assess your needs, what care you need and how it will be provided ensures that you are in control and that it’s all about you, how you want to manage your health and choose what's best for you. Once we have an understanding of this we can structure a Care Plan that’s as individual as you are. The care plan will be based on what you want so you're in control and can include such things as,

  • Goals you want to achieve, maybe getting out in the garden more or taking up a hobby

  • Family life and what you do on a day to day basis

  • Shopping required, where, when and how

  • An eating plan

  • An exercise plan

  • Medication and the monitoring of medicines required

  • Emergency contact numbers should you become unwell

  • Support services, who is in charge, what the support you will receive and when

It is important to say what you want and that you're happy with any decisions that are put into the plan.

A copy of your Care Plan will be left at your home for your records. 


What responsibilities will my carer carry out when attending?

Before your carer attends we will agree a Care Plan with you. This will specify what actions your carer will carry out upon each visit. Communication is crucial to ensure that your needs are met. As your needs evolve so too will your Care Plan.


Can my carer administer medication?

Yes, all Maidstone Home Care Health Care Assistants can prompt medications and have completed full safe administration of medication training. We recommend your medication is delivered in dossette boxes. A dossette box is a disposal plastic system for arranging your daily/weekly medication. At a glance you can see which tablets to take, and when. Use of the dossette system reduces the risk of mistakes considerably.

If you do not currently receive your medication in a dossette box, we can liaise with your surgery to arrange for you to receive dossette boxes moving forward. The only kinds of medication that cannot be received in dossette box form are, controlled substances, oral suspensions and non-regular medications (e.g. warfarin). Please contact our office staff on 01622 719988 should you need your medication to be delivered in dossette box form. 

Please Note: We are unable to administer medication via injection. If you require medication to be administered this way, we can liaise with your local District Nurses to arrange their assistance.


Will the same carer attend on each visit?

Upon each visit your carer will submit an ‘attendance call’ which is registered within the office. If an attendance call is not received, an alert will be raised to the office to investigate. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances may occur which result in your carer spending additional time on a prior call which may cause a delayed attendance to you. Should this happen we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you and agree how you wish to proceed, by either having a later attendance or sending one of your alternative carers.


Can I get assistance with paying for my care?

Some people are entitled to help with paying for their care via Social Services or other funding assistance. This will be covered before we agree your Care Plan. However if you intend to pay for your care services that we provide, we will be here to assist you, to help and advise in any way that we can.


How do I pay for my care?

If you are entitled to payment assistance by direct payments, we will send an invoice to you on the 1st of each month for the care provided for the previous month. Payments can be made by either cheque or bank transfer - whatever is easiest for you - within 14 days of the invoice date.

If your care services are provided via Social Services or an alternative funding source, you will not be required to make any payments as we will invoice and deal direct with your funding provider.


Further useful information

We at Maidstone Home Care Limited will not proceed with any actions which we believe may cause risk to either the person we provide care to, other persons present or any members of our staff.

Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. If you feel for any reason this is jeopardised in any way shape or form or you would just like to call us for peace of mind, please contact us on 01622 719988 or 01622 715825.